Wp Residence – updated on 20 March

Visual Composer update to 5.4.7 version

Wp Residence

Yelp Fusion API update

Wp Residence

Updated libs/css_js_include.php to limit Google Maps API version to 3.31, to avoid any problems while Google API tests the 3.32 BETA version – https://developers.google.com/maps/documentation/javascript/releases

Wp Residence 1.30.7

NEW: Add State – City dependency (same as City – Area).

Assign City to State

NEW: Add State in properties list ajax filters and in admin property list options

NEW: Add Country/State in Properties List Directory style and in admin property directory options

NEW: Add County/State in Recent Items slider and Recent items shortcodes

NEW: Show on agent page agent taxonomies

NEW: Shortcode for Featured Article and Featured Property in full width – EX: http://wpresidence.net/featured-property/ and http://wpresidence.net/featured-article/

NEW: Theme Slider v3 design *Works with search position before or after media header

NEW: Show property category in default property unit (*works with 3 properties per row without sidebar, for design purposes)

NEW: A new type of slider, animation full header slider for properties *Works with search before or after media header and it’s set per property – Ex: http://wpresidence.net/properties/new-york-single-room-apartment

NEW: Places Shortcode Slider (a slider for categories, types, cities, areas or states) – Ex: http://wpresidence.net/places-shortcode/

NEW: More Articles button for recent articles shortcode

NEW: Set Virtual Tour in header for property (option for each property from admin) – EX: http://wpresidence.net/properties/store-space-greenville/

NEW: Shortcodes use auto-complete to select titles (instead of ids)

NEW: Admin option to manage show / don’t show reviews for agent, agency or developer

FIX: Splash page no of results with search type 10 and 11

FIX: chinese slugs for price pins custom colors

FIX: Images less than 500×500 in number of included images per package

FIX: Remove image If taxonomy is half style, has featured image and has no properties

Fix: Center pin infobox with header map and gallery style slider for property

FIx: Remove console message when google maps is not used in header neither as global nor as custom header

Fix: Small CSS fixes for web and mobile display

UPDATE: Ultimate Addons plugin to v 3.16.21 and Revolution Slider plugin to v 5.4.7