NEW: Automatic list of properties found in search results
NEW: Price pins over map with 2 options: price full or price shorten (ex: 10k instead of 10000). Price pins can have custom colors for different property types (ex: sales and rentals)
NEW: Multiple Agents for property, selected from edit property / admin area. Contact form email goes to all agents assigned (main + secondary)
NEW: Half Map – open pin infobox automatically on the map, when hovering over the property in list.
NEW: Sticky footer – with option to enable/disable from theme options
NEW: List properties by categories widget. Works with counter (on/off) and with child categories (yes/no)
NEW: Show ids for agents, properties, categories, posts in lists / admin

NEW: SIngle property page – points of interest on property map (transport, hospitals, schools, restaurants, pharmacies,supermarkets)

NEW: Option to use 1 default pin for properties (improves map speed)
IMPROVED: Recent Items shortcode for Properties allows “loading more” properties in the same page and it allows adding filtering options –
IMPROVED: Theme Options are moved outside Appearance – and they show in top bar admin bar as well, for better usability
IMPROVED: Shortcode for Places (featured city, featured area) apply now for categories and types as well.
IMPROVED: Add property title by default in contact message area
IMPROVED: Added compare button in properties list shortcodes
IMPROVED: Compare list/button show now on the right for better usability
IMPROVED: Use contact form 7 to send to secondary emails set in theme options, social and contact settings
EDIT: Add open in a new tab for instagram link / agent page
EDIT: Recent items shortcode – “MORE” link field has been removed from the shortcode.
FIX: Using ‘ in email text / email management
FIX: Disabling listing changes status without page refresh
FIX: Price slider for search type 6 to show prices with 11+ number values


UPDATE: Ultimate addons v 3.16.16 and Rev Slider v
UPDATE: style.css, style.min.css, rtl.css, rtl.min.css
UPDATE: wpresidence.po and