UPDATE: Re-design for default property unit card, agent card and blog unit card. Please check the demos to see the new look as there are several differences compared to older theme version –
UPDATE: Because of the new features that adds features and amenities in ajax search, features and amenities DO NOT show in saved search alert at this moment. This will be done for next update
UPDATE: On single property page the maps shows ONLY the pin of the property opened (no matter what map style is chosen: header map, map in image slider, single map).
UPDATE: Price slider no longer needs 2 fields in search (only 1). And compare should be set to EQUAL.
UPDATE: List view style option for properties list now applies also for similar listings and my listings on agent page
UPDATE: Recent items and Recent items shortcode are updated to include County/State (if you wish to filter properties by County/State)
UPDDATE: Recent items slider includes the option to show or not show featured properties first. If you choose to not show featured first, the properties list by first publish date (id)
UPDATE: Header 2 and 3 are merged in Type 2. Header type 3 and 4 are new types.

UPDATE: Pretty Photo replaced with Fancybox for property gallery (property page)
UPDATE: Calendar design for date custom field


NEW: Control the number of custom fields in search (you can set 9, 10, 11 and so on)
NEW: Control the number of Search fields per row (you can use 1, 2, 3 or 4)
NEW: 6 more advanced search types for header media: type 4, type 5, type 6, type 7 and type 8 (see details below)
NEW: Search type 4 – horizontal search with updated design for search button
NEW: Search type 5 – horizontal search below header media with background 100% wide
NEW: Search type 6 – search with TABS. You can select as tabs source one of the property taxonomies (category, type, city or area). And you can select your own categories from that taxonomy. For each category you set min and maxim price values for price slider
NEW: Search type 7: search with tabs (same as Type 6), but a fixed position on bottom of header media and background 100% screen wide
NEW: Search type 8: search with TABS and auto-complete for city, area or state. You can select as tabs source one of the property taxonomies (category, type, city or area). And you can select your own categories from that taxonomy. Custom fields apply for half map, search widget or search shortcode.
NEW: Search type 9: search with TABS, same as Type 8, but in a fixed position on the bottom of header media and background 100% screen wide
NOTE: Search types 6,7,8 and 9 work only with CUSTOM FIELDS set to YES.
NEW: New options for header design: 4 header types and each has the option to select logo position (left, center or right), 100% wide option (yes or no)
NEW: Vertical menu style, open or closed by default
NEW: New options for footer design: show footer (yes or no), show copyright (yes or no), use 100% wide footer (yes or no)
NEW: Footer design updated with 9 options for columns alignment
NEW: 2nd design style for theme slider (used in header media)
NEW: Features and amenities are included in ajax search over map.
NEW: You can add content AFTER properties list (if you use the standard properties list custom page template)
NEW: An email alert is sent to user 3 days before Paid Package Expiration Date. The Email is editable from Theme options – Email Management
NEW: Testimonials slider
NEW: Theme Options control the maximum number of pins to show on the map (applies when searching pins)
NEW: color control for footer copyright area
NEW: Colors and margin control for advanced search over header media
NEW demos included in theme pack:

FIX: When using “disable property” update status in page, not on page reload
FIX: Custom card – text field with non latin characters
FIX: Geolocation opacity when clicking multiple times on the geolocation icon

Updated rtl.css
Updated wpestate.po
Updated plugins zip files for Visual Composer to v5.0 and Revolution Slider to v5.3.0.2