This document works for standard property list and also for property category pages (if you chose standard display).

The property list page (property_list.php) and the property category pages (taxonomy.php) are displaying the lists using a template file called

In this file, we load another template file that contains the HTML code for the filters


in the  property_list_filters.php  you would find the HTML code for the city, category, order etc dropdowns.  Also in this file, you would find the buttons that change the list format (from grid to list or vice versa). If you want to change or add new filters this is the place where you put the HTML code.

The “listing filtering” –  is made via ajax. That means you would get new results without loading the page but if you leave this page the filter selection will be reset.

The filters action start when you make a selection on one of the dropdowns. At that time we call a JavaScript function called start_filtering. For ex in ajaxcalls.js at line 1525

$('.listing_filters_head li').click(function () {
var pick, value, parent;
pick = $(this).text();
value = $(this).attr('data-value');
parent = $(this).parent().parent();
parent.find('.filter_menu_trigger').text(pick).append('<span class="caret caret_filter"></span>').attr('data-value',value);
parent.find('input:hidden'). val(value);



The start_filtering()  function is defined in ajaxcalls.js around line 731. In this function, we read the value of the filters and we send those to a PHP function called ajax_filter_listings.  If you add new filters or option for filters you need to make sure you read those new values in this function and that you pass them correctly to the PHP function.

The PHP function ajax_filter_listings() is located in ajax_functions.php around line 1650. In there we read the variables sent via Javascript  (those are sent via $_POST)  and compose the arguments array that will be used in a wp_query instruction.  Before you continue you may need to read this article:

If you add  new filters or parameters you must add those to the $arg array

For ex – in case you add a new “order by ” you need to put a new case situation in the switch block at line 1755. Any new taxonomy arguments needs to be added in the tax_query

tax_query' => array(
'relation' => 'AND',

After the wp_query is done the property list is returned to the JavaScript function which will display it (actually insert it) in the page.

success: function (data) {

To hide a value from the dropdowns with CSS (from theme options)

You can hide a specific value from the dropdown categories with css

To hide “rentals” for exemple in a drowpdown, it in css:

ul[aria-labelledby="a_filter_action"] > li[data-value="rentals"] {