Files related to the property posts

– wp-content\plugins\wpresidence-core\post-types\property.php”- this is where custom post types and properties taxonomy are defined
– wp-content\themes\single_estate_property.php – this is the property page
– wp-content\themes\advanced_search_results.php – this is the file for advanced search page results
– wp-content\themes\property_list.php – this is the default page for property list
– wp-content\themes\property_list_half.php – this is where the half map page property list
– wp-content\themes\libs\ property_unit.php – the unit card we display on properties list – front site
– wp-content\themes\libs\dashboard_listing_unit.php the unit card we display on properties list dashboard
– wp-content\themes\compare_listings.php – compare listings page