Sept 22, 2015 – Release 1.11.3

Fix: Contact page infobox on Responsive margin

UPDATE: Retina images for share, compare, favorites

ADDED: support for property pin retina (please see help)

UPDATE: Revolution slider plugin to v 5.09, Ultimate Add-ons plugin to v 3.13.4 and Visual COmposer plugin to v 4.7.1

UPDATE: Demo content includes revolution slider in zip format

August 25, 2015 – Release 1.11.2

NEW: With read from file yes, agent header with google maps syncs with prperties attached to agent only

UPDATE: widget_logic function according to WP 4.3 standards

EDIT: Taxonomy page syncs with open/close map option in theme option

EDIT: Archive template syncs with global header

EDIT: footer widget title syncs with footer color set in Design – Custom colors

UPDATE: If using recent items shortcode in Properties List page template , compare will show for Properties List properties even if it doesn’t apply for the recent items shortcode

UPDATE: Advanced search results page – shows the search parameters titles (not slugs)

UPDATE: Retina images for bed, bath, size, share, favorite icons

FIX: Advanced search custom dropdown with 2 words, search by automatic Property ID, Non latin category options with 2 words not showing pins on advanced search results page header map

FIX: Multi-Currency Yahoo API conversion if default currency is different than USD

FIX: Sort by Newest in Properties List filters

UPDATE: Revolution Slider plugin to 5.041 – new plugin help

UPDATE: Ultimate Addons update to 3.13.3

UPDATE: Visual Composer Update to 4.6.2

How to update plugins –


July 23, 2015 – Release 1.11.1

Edit: shortcodes.php update to work with the new code added by Visual Composer in 4.6 version for shortcodes

Update: Visual Composer plugin to 4.6.1

EDIT: Facebook Login update because only for some clients Facebook doesn’t send email through API – so user cannot be saved. Now the email from facebook is a generic email for such situations with at the end. Email can be changed by user in My Profile.

FIX: Taxonomy pages with non latin categories – influenced by the changes done in 1.11 update related to this page

FIX: In front end submission – Areas Dropdown – Show all areas (with 0 properties or more)

FIX: Saved Search Email was sending wrong template – influenced by changes done in 1.11 relaed to Email Management


July 14, 2015 – Release 1.11

  • NEW: A new page in User Dashboard – Invoices.
  • NEW: Automatic multi currency conversion values synced with Yahoo API. See help for details about how this works.
  • NEW: Email Customization Interface in Theme Options
  • NEW: Notification added on recurring payment for user to know he has been charged
  • NEW: Stripe recurring subscription cancel button in User Dashboard
  • NEW: Additional Sort Options for Properties List (standard layout), Taxonomy Page (standard layout) and Advanced Search Results (standard layout): oldest to newest, newest to oldest, bedrooms high low, bedrooms low high, bathrooms high low, bathrooms low to high.
  • NEW: Registration can be done with type password (option selected from Theme Options)
  • NEW: Dropdown custom field type for property admin, submission.
  • NEW: Dropdown custom fields can be added in Advanced Search – Custom Fields as well.
  • NEW:Option to display bedrooms, rooms, bathrooms fields as dropdowns in advanced search – custom fields YES
  • NEW: Keyword search for Property Title in advanced search. Can only work with Property title because we allow this to work with AJAX as well.
  • NEW: Option to show Advanced Search as HALF MAP (please see help how it works)
  • NEW: Option to show Taxonomy Page as Half Map (please see help how it works)
  • NEW: Features and Amenities in Half Map (please see help how it works)
  • NEW: Country Field displays as dropdown in Advanced Search fields (please see help how it works)
  • NEW: Agent Post global sidebar control in Theme Options
  • NEW: Lat and long validation (if these are added incorrectly they will not be saved)
  • NEW: Property List – Standard and Taxonomy List – Standard – when you use the filters the map syncs with results
  • NEW: Foursquare and Instagram social options in Social Widget
  • NEW: Add URL to User Profiel from Properties List – author username
  • NEW: dsIDXpress property imported from dsIDXPress shows the property pin open by default in maps
  • EDIT: dsIDXpress custom CSS for the search widget
  • EDIT: Bootstrap update from 3.2 to 3.4.3
  • EDIT: Membership – With Published and Expired listings. Leave published properties published if number of listings in new pages is the same or more than the number of published listings (no matter the number of expired listings)
  • EDIT: Added Price Label for Default Currency (used in Multi Currency Widget)
  • EDIT:Submission – Numeric Fields – if default value 0 is displayes, these fields don’t show on property page
  • EDIT: Remove the Features Tab if not features are listed in Theme Options
  • EDIT: Stripe recurring system updated.
  • EDIT: When expired properties are resent for approval the theme options (manual or automatic approval) apply
  • EDIT: allow caption in admin with HTML
  • EDIT: updated events.php cron daily saved search to include properties submitted in latest 24 hours (not from server 0 time to cron running time)
  • EDIT: Updated Country Name to Macedonia (FYROM)
  • EDIT: Removed duplicate image add_image_size(‘blog_unit’ , 1110, 385, true); from general-settings.php
  • EDIT: Show decimals in theme slider for bathroom
  • EDIT: removed retina.JS and added dense.js Better performance on retina ready devices
  • EDIT: removed H1 tag from AJAX load results title
  • EDIT: Removed Flickr Widget (API change required we give up this widget)
  • EDIT: Updated Fontawesome to latest icons
  • EDIT: WPML footer language switcher according to WPML instructions
  • EDIT: WPML functions for wp-admin functions as well
  • EDIT: WPML for Read From File – YES (please see help how it works)
  • FIX: Certain IOS crash on ipads and mobiles. We adapted CSS to these IOS issues
  • FIX: Click on Theme Slider
  • FIX: small CSS alignments
  • FIX: Currency in Wire Transfer modal box shows Membership Currency (not property currency)
  • Fix: Price Slider with multi currency activated – on slide the multi-currency value was reset to default currency value
  • FIX: Price separator ‘ is supported
  • UDPATE: plugin zip update for Ultimate Addons to v3.13.1