Starting 1.17 update in theme options there is a special area to design the property unit yourself, with other design options and other fields than in the default template (you can add even custom fields, icons etc).

unit design

This system now offers our clients many options and possibilities. Because of that, it may not work for all design ideas. We will continue to improve it, but please be aware that css problems may appear and those will have to be solved by manually adding css rules in the code.

In property unit you can add any of the elements showcased in the editor (see below screenshot) + any custom field you add in theme options – property custom fields (


For each element you add you can style different css options:


To add an icon in property unit use the ICON element


And for icon set the icon url path (if you wish to add a jpg / png) or the font awesome code (if you wish a font awesome icon)

Path image url (ex


Font awesome icon (example fa-envira)



If you wish to set how many properties show per row (3 or 4)

If you wish to set the unit height

If you wish to set the background color of the unit, border px size and color  –

For all 3 see this help –

1.17 Property, Agent, Blog Lists Design Settings

If you wish to set the border radius of the unit and replace default shadow – see this help

1.17 Boxed Border Radius and Boxed Container Shadow Settings

As examples we created 4 different demos with different custom cards:

You can import any of these demos to see how our examples work and make further changes. Please see here help to use 1 click import ( *Remember that import must be used on a new website (not one in production) so you don’t override your settings.