See here how to list properties by custom taxonomy categories –

How to Add Custom Taxonomies categories

IMPORTANT: After adding a new category you must add new pins as well from pin management (required for map speed) –

To add a custom taxonomy you must go to properties – select the taxonomy – add new. Make sure titles and slugs match or else search / ajax filter or listing properties will not work.


The same rule applies for all custom property taxonomies:

custom taxonomies


You can also add child categories:

Create or edit the category and select the parent category.

add child

Child categories can be on 2 levels:

child categories


Search over map and ajax search works with custom taxonomies ONLY if you add 1 category to each property. Same applies for action taxonomy. DON’T ATTACH A PROPERTY TO multiple categories or multiple actions. 

You can use child categories and assign the property just to child. Then the property will show in results when searching by parent category as well. 

Pins are built only for 1 category, 1 action or 1 category + 1 action. If you add multiple categories for 1 property, the first alphabetical category + action combination is attached to the property.

Search over map filters pins. Since there is 1 pin for property, the map map will show 1 pin only for properties with multiple categories attached. Same will happen in Half Map filtering.  So you may see “no results found” in map, but in list you do have results.



From the Admin – Properties – City. you add/delete/edit cities that you want to attach to your properties. Repeat for all custom taxonomies available.




From the Neighborhood panel you add Neighborhood / Area for your properties. You can add/edit/remove them from Admin – Properties – Neighborhood / Area. Neighborhood will display in Property Details, search and front end submission form.

ATTACH AREA TO A CITY and when users select a City, only areas for the city selected show..



Video Tutorials:

Video Tutorial for custom taxonomies:

Video Tutorial for Counties/States taxonomy