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If you use Yahoo API make sure the symbol is typed according to international standards (which means 3 letters – capslock) – you can find complete list here

The Multi Currency feature is a function that converts the original price into a new value based on the currency a user has selected.

The theme has 1 main currency and 1 price per property only. There is no option to have different prices for each property : like price in Euro and price in USD.

Each price will be originally displayed using the main currency you set in theme options -> Price & Currency

If you want to use the multi currency features you first need to add new currency . When you add the new currency you can also add currency value. This value will be used to transform the price from the main currency in this new currency.
For ex 1 EUR = 0.73 x 1 GBR . (0.73 is the GBR).

So, when a user change the currency from the dropdown widget, we read the currency value you just set and convert the original price.

Please note that the user currency options are saved as cookies on user computer. Some cache plugins may interfere with this mechanism.

Also since the currencies values can vary froim day to day we create a cron job that 1 time per day take the financial data from Yahoo finance and autofill these value forms.

To add the widget to sidebars (top header, footer, or another custom sidebar) go to Widgets and add the Multiple currency widget where you wish it to show.

If use a cache plugin see this help where is explained how  to use a cache plugin with Multicurrency widget dropdown: