In wordpress there are 2 order situations by date:

– first publish date

– edit publish date

We use order by first publish date and edit date is not considered.

So default order will consider the first publish date.

The technical solution is to modify the query orderby, but it’s sensitive when working with custom order as well, so it cannot be added to core at this moment.

But if you wish, we can guide you to look for the following function that controls this custom query – wpestate_my_order and then modify it according to WordPress query rules –

What you need is

orderby (string | array)

  • modified‘ – Order by last modified date.

Query is set in WP Residence in help_functions.php

// order by filter featured

if( !function_exists('wpestate_my_order') ):
function wpestate_my_order($orderby) { 
    global $wpdb; 
    global $table_prefix;
    $orderby = $table_prefix.'postmeta.meta_value DESC, '.$table_prefix.'posts.ID DESC';
    return $orderby;

endif; // end   wpestate_my_order  

Thank you