• Notes: Please check mobile menu logo after this update. We have added a new field to add Mobile Logo in General Settings as we have changed the design background to dark for Menu / Logo position.
  • NEW: Multi-currency support for who wishes to display properties prices in several currencies. Has it’s own currency conversion area managed by admin. Comes with Multi Currency Widget to place in sidebars, footer, or header widget area.
  • NEW: Property Page vertical thumb on slider (global and per property control)
  • NEW: Property Page Agent on Sidebar (global control)
  • NEW: Property Page tabs layout alternative to accordeon (global and per property control)
  • NEW: Properties List default view control in Theme Options. You can now choose if default View is LIST or Grid. Applies globally to Advanced Search Results, Properties List, Taxonomy Page.
  • NEW: Vertical Search Type design (Type 3)
  • NEW: Mobile Menu
  • EDIT: Logo position changes in this update. Logo is showing next to Mobile Menu over dark background.
  • NEW: Mobile Logo field in General Settings to match the new dark background.
  • NEW: Field for website URL in User Profile and Agent Profile
  • NEW: Map default view control in Theme Options (Satellite, Roadmap, Terrain, Hybrid)
  • NEW: Map Control to change default view to another view
  • NEW: Price thousand separator format control in Theme Options
  • NEW: Calendar Field Language option in Theme Options
  • NEW: Option to set Transparent menu over header
  • NEW: 2 new header types – global control
  • NEW: Margin Top control for logo
  • NEW: Background image control for footer background
  • NEW: Re-order images in submission form with drag and drop
  • NEW: Price Slider on mobile has drag option with touch
  • EDIT: Featured property in submission form is selected with double click
  • NEW: WALKSCORE API cnnection to show property walkscore based on property addres (optional)
  • NEW: Links to our help manual in Theme Options pages
  • NEW: User Friendly Modal box with “PLEASE WAIT…” while connecting to PayPal
  • NEW: Property Link included in the email notification sent to user – “Your Listing Was Approved”
  • NEW: A field for owner and admin to see only in Submit Property and Edit Property (admin area)
  • EDIT: Currency field and currency position are moved to a new option in Theme Optiosn “Price % Currency”
  • EDIT: Properties List Half Map shows Maps + Filters in all screen resolutions
  • EDIT: With Search Type 2 – Advanced Search Results map starts with the address of the first property in LIST
  • EDIT: Make social links open in new tab on Agent Page
  • EDIT: Compare Page Breadcrumbs
  • EDIT: .po translation updates
  • UPDATE: Visual Composer zip to 4.9.3
  • UPDATE: Ultimate Addons zip to 3.9.4
  • FIX: Enable on mobile tab on maps in slider
  • FIX: Properties List Half on iPad Safari
  • FIX: Show titles instead of slugs for save search features and amenities
  • FIX: Using TAB in Submit Propery jumps from Title to Description
  • FIX: Auto-complete for City with Search Type 2 for Mobile
  • FIX: Advanced Search widget showing all STATES when adding this option to custom fields after City
  • FIX: Keepin favorite properties on homepage – recent properties shortcode – for logged in users with saved properties
  • FIX: Accordion for Floor Plans closing the accordion before it
  • FIX: Share not working for recent items slider properties after all properties have scrolled once
  • FIX: Print function for property with subscriber assigned (not agent) is included in printed document

April 9, 2015 – Release 1.10.1

EDIT: space between price and currency in price slider

EDIT: multi currency support for labels with non latin (currency symbols)

FIX: Mobile meny for certain Android browser versions

FIX: Property Unit not displaying m or ft

UPDATE: Ultimate Addons plugin to 3.10

April 6, 2015 – Release 1.10 edited

– smooth scroll update

– mobile menu for firefox android update