Important: Features and amenities do not show in saved search alert at this moment.

How to add Property Features

The Properties Features & Amenities are managed from Theme Options – General – Features & Amenities.

Starting 2.00 theme version, Features and Amenities are taxonomies.  They can be managed from admin-Properties-Features and Amenities.

For version older then 2.00


How to display only checked features

You can select if you wish to leave un-checked features and amenities show on properties page or not from the same settings area.

NOTE: In order to get new added Features & Amenities on front end submit form must add them to the submission page as explained on this help:

How to remove Features and amenities section from the Property page

The features and amenities tab or accordion will NOT show in default property page template if you delete all features and amenities from theme options and leave this blank.


How to add Features and amenities in advanced search

To select which features and amenities display in advanced search – go to Theme options -> Advanced Search Settings and for  Show Amenities and Features fields? – select YES and then select  Amenities and Features for Advanced Search:

How to show features and amenities in submit page

Go to Admin – Theme Options -> Membership -> Property Submission Page -> Select the fields for listing submission

Use CTRL to select multiple fields.


Features will show in submit form

How to select Features and Amenities from Edit Property in Admin Dashboard