The Display Categories shortcode allows you to show Category, Action, City, Area and County on front end.

You can follow the steps in the below video tutorial:

Please note that the video is made with an older version of the theme and the shortcode worked with taxonomy ID, now you need to type the taxonomy name.  The steps are the same.

How the shortcode works:

Add the shortcode in your page.

-Add a new page or edit an existing one:

-add the shortocde

Set the shortcode as per your wish by typing the name of the taxonomy that you wish to add

Please note that on front you will have 0 listing with a generic images, if you do not have an image attached to the taxonomy that you wish to display on front.

Please check this help on how to add images to taxonomies.

This shortcode can be used in different ways. Type 2 design works better with 1 property per shortcode and you can use visual composer row / column options to make elements show in different design variations.


Type 1 design looks good if you add more categories in the same shortcode

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