Wp Residence works with WordPress 5.0 version without any issue, but doesn’t have Gutenberg blocks at the moment.

We have been preparing for Gutenberg version by creating our theme shortcodes for Gutenberg editor, but these are still in development as have been many changes in WordPress core before launch and it was difficult to develop for it until a stable version is available.

The new WordPress version 5.0 major change is the Gutenberg Editor https://wordpress.org/gutenberg/ instead of Classic Editor. But there are other important core options you should have as well. So update to 5.0 is recommended (always keep your wordpress, theme, and plugins updated).

Theme Shortcodes continue to work with the  Classic Editor and Bakery Page Builder In WordPress 5.0. To update your WordPress follow these steps:

1. WordPress 5.0 was released on December 6th. Starting with this date will get in site admin the WordPress update message:

2. Update WordPress (but remember to backup before)

In WordPress Update page will get a message that recommends you to back up your database and files before updating.

3. After WordPress is updated will be redirected to this page from where you get details about how WordPress  5.0  works

4. Install Classic Editor

You can continue using the same classic Editor for Posts and Pages with Bakery Builder by Installing the Classic Editor. 

You get the option to install the  Classic Editor from the page where are redirected after update.