When a new theme version is released/updated, the translation .po must be updated as well to find the new terms added in:

  1. wp_content/themes/wpresidence/languages/wpresidence.po
  2. wp_content/plugins/wpresidence-core/lanaguages/wpresidence-core

How to do that with POEDIT (the free version):

Step #1 – Open up your existing language PO file with Poedit software.


Step #2 – Go to Catalogand selectUpdate from POT file


Step #3.1 – First, change the file type option to All Files, then select the new wpresidence.po PO file from latest theme update folder


Step #4 – Once the import is completed, all the new string from the new PO file will be added and your existing (translated) string will remain intact as well.


Step #5 – Finally, proceed to translate all the new string into your preferred language. Save. Move the updated .po and .mo language file back to wpresidence/languages or to child theme languages folder.