If the pin is not placed on the map for a property, the map will show a default location in the center of global maps, which means 0 lat and 0 long coordinates.

Pin can be placed in 4 ways:

With Google Places Enabled – automatically based on property location

  • 1. Enable Autocomplete in Front End Submission Form

  • 2. Choose what system do you want to use for geolocation: google places or open street

IMPORTANT! If choose google places must add Google apy key: http://help.wpresidence.net/article/google-api-key/
  • 3. Save lat and long fields to be available in submit form (for the location to save correctly)

This option applies to address, the city in the submission form.

  • If for system type for geolocation you selected google places when type address in front end submission and you will see the Google Auto-complete as displayed in this screenshot

  • If for system type for geolocation you selected open street when type address in front end submission and you will see the OpenSteet-complete as displayed in this screenshot

After you select the correct address and City – Area and Country auto-fill in. Also lat and long are automatically saved

With the Place PIN with Address button selected manually

If you disable autocomplete, the submit form will show dropdowns for city, area, and state and categories. With auto-complete no, the list of cities, areas, and states would have to be added from admin – properties (taxonomies) for them to exist in the submit form.

Submit form show dropdowns for City, Area and State

Property location must be triggered manually using the “Place Pin With Property Address” button, by selecting the pin location manually on the map or by copying lat and long values

Place pin manually

You can also place pin manually by Clicking on the map.

Copy lat and long fields from google maps

Or you can place pin by copying Lat and Long fields.

Admin Map Options

The same can be done from admin – edit property – Place On The Map settings

If the property doesn’t have a pin, it means you must add pins for your new action/categories names. Check this help how to do that.

Read here how to set pins for your properties: http://help.wpresidence.net/article/wpresidence-options-pin-management/