You can change WP RESIDENCE default text with POEdit. Poedit helps modifying English terms by replacing them with your English terms (like Zip to Postcode and so on).

This help will show the steps that you need to take.  The changes can be done in main Theme or Child Theme.

!!! If you make the changes in main theme, please make sure that you move the modified language files in the new theme.

For Child Theme change, please check the below article:

How to add translated .po files in child theme

The steps to modify theme words are:

1. Download and install POEdit.

2. Open with POedit the wpresidence.po file located in languages folder.

* For those that have language files they need to download those on their computers and  make edits on those.

Make sure that you copy both po and mo files in your device. The translation needs to be done in po file.

Open the .po file and set the language according to the language set in admin-Settings-General

3. Start adding the new words for the strings that you wish to modify

4. After the changes are done, you need to SAVE and rename  both .po and .mo files with the proper name (for example de_DE.po). If the file name is not right the translation will not work. See this link for the proper name.

4. Upload the edited/renamed .po and . mo files in wp-content/themes/wpresidence/languages/ folder. You should have now wpresidence.po, + edited/renamed po and mo.  Check if the language file has the correct name – help here:


You can also use LOCO TRANSLATE plugin to create the en_US.po from wp-admin and do the translation. Help

How to rename theme words with Loco Translate