Leave the Favorite option or Saved Search for users

Regardless of whether you have the user type dropdown enabled or not (more here – http://help.wpresidence.net/article/1-3-50-1-agency-agents-developers-and-users-separation-how-to-manage-these-new-options/), you can select what pages to show for user dashboard from theme options.

NOTE: If no page is selected, all pages will show. This option was added in theme update 1.80.0

If you wish to disable the submit property menu in header, use this option:


Remove Save Favorites options

If you wish to remove the SAVE favorites option as well if you don’t wish anyone to login (not even to save favorites).

This is done with this CSS.

To remove the heart icon from the property card add this CSS.

.icon-fav {
display: none;

To remove the “add to favorites” from the property page:

#add_favorites {
display: none;