Edit property from admin:

Agent registered in admin

Create the agent from Agents -> Add New

Go to Edit Property -> Agent tab and select Main Agent and/OR User

If you use a different Main Agent and different User

  • The agent can be the one to receive notifications via EMAIL (sent from property page or agent page) and
  • User to manage the property details only (edit the property details in front end dashboard)

If you use just agent created from admin assign just agent

Agent must be able to manage the property from front end dashboard

In this case, if you wish to assign a property manually to an agent, then you must make sure Main Agent and User are in sync.

And agent and user must be synced correctly.

For that purpose make sure the agent is registered in front end

If you register the agent and user manually – please see this help http://help.wpresidence.net/article/how-to-assign-user-to-agent-account/

Agency and Developer

The agency / developer MUST HAVE user too (and the 2 elements must be in sync correctly)

Make sure Agency or Developer are registered in front end

In order to get the correct user of the agent must edit the agent/agency/developer page from admin- Agents, check field  The user id for this profile and go in admin – User to see which user has that id:

Related help

How to manage agent, agencies and developers in front end http://help.wpresidence.net/article/1-3-50-1-agency-agents-developers-and-users-separation-how-to-manage-these-new-options/