Please check if you have one of these situations:

Cache is on

You enabled caching for google maps in theme options – google maps settings and you need to wait 3 hours to see pin

Read from file is enabled

You enabled read from file yes (google maps readings) and you must wait 24 hours to see all pins or click generate pins button. (help

Categories/Actions names added or edited

You modified properties “Categories” names and “Actions” but didn’t add the pins for the new names. This must be done in theme options – pin management.  Demo pins are in theme pack downloaded from Theme Forest.

These is the theme pack folder with the demo pins:

pins demo pack

For RETINA devices you must also add the retina versions of the pins.

Multiple categories selection

You selected multiple categories for a property. In the theme pins show for 1 category, 1 action or 1 action + 1 category combination. Selecting multiple categories or actions for a property will only show the pin for first category+action combination, creating the impression that pins don’t work for the rest of the combinations.

Starting v 1.12 you can create child categories for all property taxonomies (city, area, state, category, type). Add a property to child category only. The theme will show the property for parent category as well without any additional select needed.

child category

parent category