Starting 1.18 version we have  added the option to choose the Maximum number of pins that will show on the map.

A high number will increase the response time and server load. Use a number that works for your current hosting situation.

After 1.15 update

The settings for Google Map can be found in Theme Options- Map – Map Settings.

Map settings

From this area you manage:

Enable https for google maps

Choose this if you add SSL to your website.

Google Maps API key

Default lat and long values.

To find out Latitude and Longitude for Google Maps, starting point go to Google Maps, find your location, click right on the location on the map and click “What’s here”. Coordinates will show in the search bar on top.


If you use global header set google maps coordinates as instructed here:

If you use custom header set google maps coordinates as instructed here:

Some pages will take the lat and long of the first property in list (advanced search results, properties list, agent list (when not using read from file)

Map default latitude and longitude, and default zoom level (these details will apply for global header set to Google Maps

Zoom on advanced search results, properties list, property taxonomies pages

The following comment applies to any from the following list:

  • advanced search results page map,
  • properties list custom template map,
  • property taxonomies pages map

When Google Maps are set as header option, the map pins and properties in the list are in sync.

For this feature, the map will change the zoom automatically to display all the pins from the list in the map view. 

Because of this, the manual Google Maps zoom value you set in theme options or for each page will not be considered.

Default map style:

Choose between satellite, terrain, roadmap

Use caching for maps

if yes, this will make pins on the map update every 3 hours

Enable pins cluster

This is for pins that in same vicinity and max zoom level for cluster to show on the map.

Set default pin coordinates (lat and long) for contact page template.

Read more here –

Enable the use of dsIDXpress plugin over map –

Please note this will come with limitations if you use this plugin. Read more here –

Map Height

For default header media as google maps, you can choose the height of the map in closed mode, height of the map in open map and the option to force map at open height (without close/open button to show). These settings apply for global header set to Google Maps –

Enable or disable the google search bar over the map.

Add your custom map code from

More here –

Enable/disable read from file option

If you enable Read from file option, the following applies:

a. Pins.txt file inside theme folder must have writing permissions (777 or 755). Read more on how to set permissions here –

b. A cron runs daily to generate new pins for new properties. Or you can generate manually from this panel.

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