Google Maps requires you add your own API key before you start using it.

  • To create an API KEY, starting June 2018, you must have your billing account set too.
  • The use of Google Maps API is free and paid services are free within $200/month limit.

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In order for your API code to NOT be stolen, make sure you restrict your API to your domain only!


Use wildcard domains for pages inside the main domain. If you use just your domain in referrer list –  the key will work only on this url (home)

How to get the key

Step1: Login with your gmail account and go to

Step2: Add your billing info

Step 3: Create a project and enable these options from LIBRARY API

Step4: Select – GET A KEY

Step5: Click Create API

Step6: Copy the API and go to API Console

Paste the key in theme options:

How to check the key is correct

If you still can not see the map, check that the key doesn’t need any other validations in your google account.

To verify the message, open the site in the browser console, use right click, inspect element and check the console