Enable what pages to show for user type

Regardless of whether you have the user type dropdown enabled or not, you can select what pages to show for user dashboard from theme options.

NOTE: If no page is selected, all pages will show. This option was added in theme update 1.80.0

Display user roles dropdown in register forms: yes or no

If you select yes for this option must choose what user roles user roles to display in registration forms and which user role the admin should approve.

The registration form will be like in this screenshot:

Select which user role the admin should approve?

Video: Admin approves/publishes new agents, agencies or developers pages

Admin can manually publish agents/agencies or developers. This is how it works:


Select Taxonomies, where you want to show review block

This is how it will be displayed:


Admin Should approve the reviews: yes or no

If yes, the reviews can be found in admin in comments section

Users can type the password on registration form: yes or no

If you select yes for option to register with type password:

The register by password looks like in this screenshot:

If select no the username and password will be sent to the user after registration. The only difference between forms is that user can login with his chosen password and not require to copy the password generated by WordPress from email.