Starting  1.30.1 theme version we have added sticky footer .

The following footer options exist in theme options.

Several settings are listed un General Options – Footer

Next we list each option you can manage from here.

Show footer area – YES or NO

In front end, this is the footer area (widgets + copyright)

Show footer copyright and if yes, add the copyright text.

NOTE: copyright can be only text. If you wish to add custom links to menu, you can add such links in footer menu:


If you wish to add custom link in copyright area – you can add this directly in html, in child theme.

Child Theme: How to add links to copyright message

You can add a footer background and, if you choose to add a pattern style image, you can select repeat options.

You can choose to make the footer 100% screen wide

And you can select the footer column structure in 9 different layouts:

Footer widgets are managed from Admin – Widgets


You can change the colors for the Copyright area from Theme options-Design-Custom Colors