Sticky footer

Starting  theme version 1.30.1 we have support for sticky footer which can be enabled/disabled from theme options:

Footer Design Options

Several settings are listed un General Options – Footer

Show footer area

You can disable or enable the entire footer area.

In front end, this is the footer area (widgets + copyright)

Show footer copyright

The copyright text banner area is managed from here.

Copyright message supports only TEXT, not links. It strips out all HTML (a security measure demanded by Theme Forest)

You can add links in Footer Menu –

Or you can follow this technical help to add the html in child theme –


Footer Background Image Management

You can add a footer background and, if you choose to add a pattern style image, you can select repeat options.

Footer Width

You can choose to make the footer 100% screen wide

Footer Column Layout

You can select the footer column structure in 9 different layouts:

Footer Widgets

Footer widgets are managed from Admin – Widgets –

Footer Color Management

You can change the colors for the Copyright area from Theme options-Design-Custom Colors