For Free Submission: If Paid Submission is set to NO (which means submission is free), user cannot make a property featured from front end submission dashboard. Only Admin can do that from admin – edit property.

free submission

featured property from admin

For paid listing: User must pay the price to publish a listing AND (optional and for an additional price) user can pay to make the property featured. In this case the property doesn’t expire. It’s one payment. Read more here –

If you enable Membership System – you create the packages in admin and you have to specify how many included listings and how many featured listings. The user buys a package and then he can list properties and make the featured based on how many listings / featured listings are included in the package. A package expires. Read more here –

If a property is featured – it lists first in lists:
– recent items shortcode
– items by id shortcode
– recent items slider
– properties list standard
– properties list half
– advanced search results
– property taxonomies (city, category, area, state, type)

You recognize featured properties by this icon:

featured icon

If there are more than 1 featured property, they are listed by ID (publish date). Most recent first.