After 1.15 Theme Update Email Management has been moved to Advanced tab.

Starting 1.30.6 the management area includes an editor.

To add new spaces you will need to add HTML code in email content.

The emails sent from the theme can be managed from Theme Options – Advanced – Email Management.

For theme versions older than 1.30.6 the space in email content are added with “Enter”

Email mng

This interface is NOT for html emails. Only TEXT. If you wish to transform your emails in HTML (add images, logo and so on) please use a third party plugin – like WP BETTER EMAILS.

Email Management interface will allow you to edit the theme emails text directly in Theme Options.

This update includes a new email notification that was not before this release:

– a new notification added on payment processing, for user to know he has been charged a payment and from which merchant (stripe or paypal).