How to import SVG icons from demo

For demo import to include svg icons,  please make sure you enable the svg upload at wordpress level. Help and video are below

How to edit the header of the Main Demo homepage

The image of the house in header  is managed from theme options. You can edit the image, or replace it with another header options. More options are explained here –

How to edit the search tabs from Main Demo / How to save the tabs if they don’t show

In main demo we setup search type 6 – help

You can choose from different search types-

Main Demo – Fix the blank search after saving theme options

If you do not have the categories saved as in previous video, and save theme options, the search will show blank (because there are no fields set). You can edit the search from in theme options.

Remember to save the categories and then refresh to see the fields configuration according to your settings.

Here is a video tutorial made based on the search type 6 help –

How to check categories and images

Images will be set manually for the categories you wish to show on homepage.

You select the categories names from shortcode settings, and then add the desired image in edit category.