From Theme Options – General – Appearance you manage the following options



Select Boxed or Wide Version

Example of boxed version:

Example of wide version:

How to manage boxed background

Background image for boxed layout is added from wordpress – Appearance – Background.


Add image in boxed background (applies only for content area, not header or footer)

baxk 2

How many properties to show per page in properties lists

Applies to all properties lists (standard list, half map list, taxonomy list)




Maximum number of images for each submission

You can limit the no of images for each property submission. The limit you set applies for free submission or paid by listing.

limit number of images in submit


Property card slider

Enable or disable the use the image slider in property card.


Show empty categories

If you wish to show Cities/Areas with 0 properties in Advanced Search dropdowns

This option applies for advanced search taxonomy dropdowns or properties lists standard filters:


Agent page sidebar

Where and what sidebar to show by default for Agent Post

Example of an agent post –


Category / Taxonomy sidebar

Where and what sidebar to show for blog archive, blog category taxonomies

Example of a blog archive page:


Or property category

Standard or Half Map for Taxonomy

Property list type for Taxonomy Pages: standard or half map style

Property List type for advanced search results: standard or half map

Check also the settings for header of the advanced search results page. If you have Half Map style, you must set the header to Google Maps. Read more here.

Property unit style in lists: grid or list style

This option applies for all properties lists: properties list custom page (standard and half map), taxonomy page list, advanced search results list.

List style example: