Agent custom taxonomies are: Agent category, agent action, agent city, agent neighborhood, agent county/state

agent taxonomies

To add a new category in either taxonomy use Add New. From the list you can Edit or Delete the taxonomy.

FireShot Screen Capture #1913 - 'Agent Categories ‹ core wp residences — WordPress' - core_wpresidence_net_wp-admin_edit-tags_php_taxonomy=property_category_agent&post_type=estate_agent

Let wordpress create the slugs.

To add the custom taxonomies in menu – enable them from Menu Screen Options, then add to menu and save.

agent menu

Header Google Maps for Agent Taxonomy page

For the pins to appear on Google Maps header from Agent taxonomy page, the action/category added for agents needs to exist for the properties as well.

For example, we have Apartments taxonomy added for Agents and the same taxonomy added for Properties.


If both taxonomy exist,  when you wish to display the  agent taxonomy page with Google Maps header, the pins for the Apartments properties will be visible.