Advanced Search type 3 looks nice on tall headers. If you choose this header type make sure that the map/slider height is tall enough to fit the entire search box.

You can change the search type from Theme Options-Search-Advanced Search Settings.

This is how it will look with the default fields

This search form can be customized, if you enable the Use Custom Fields For Advanced Search?

From Advanced Search form section you can choose how many fields will be included,  the number of the rows and which fields will be displayed.

The labels for the front end do not apply for the taxonomies. You can rename them with POEDIT.

Custom Fields setup

Last select what other custom fields you wish to show in advanced search which will appear in widget search, shortcode search and mobile search.

You can choose to show or not show the Price Slider.  This can be set up from Advanced Search Settings section

From the same section, you can control the colors of the form and the form position.