Manage from this area the global search settings:


Show Advanced Search?

You can enable or disable the Advanced Search from all header types.

You have the option to show advanced search for specific pages only.

Show Cities and Areas with 0 properties in advanced search

You can choose if wish to display taxonomies with 0 properties in search fields dropdown options.

Show Advanced Search in Taxonomies, Categories or Archives

You can enable or disable advanced search in taxonomies, categories and archives.

Keep Advanced Search visible?

You can set the Advanced Search to be opened or be closed (applies only for type 1, 3 and 4)



Show Amenities and Features fields?

Show Slider for Price?

You can choose to display or not the Price Slider. If you choose to not display the price slider, you can use input style fields to type minim and maxim price values (as numbers)

Minimum and Maximum value for Price Slider

You can set the global Price range for Price Slider (if enabled). Type only numbers.


Show Dropdowns for beds, bathrooms or rooms?

Only works with Custom Fields enabled.

You can chose to have a dropdown for Beds, Bathrooms and Rooms fields or an input field. For this option to work, you need to enable the Custom fields from Search-Advanced Search Form

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