There are 2 places where you need to add new agents fields – in wp-admin  and on profile page front end

For  wp-admin – on add/edit agent page  you have the function  estate_agent  that keeps all the input forms


Just duplicate the form for an already made field.


Then in metaboxes.php file add the new “custom fied” to the allowed_keys array so WordPress can save it’s value


To add the new custom field on property page  you need to

  1. first add the new custom fields input form in user_profile.php
  2. since the save is made on ajax you need to edit the click event function for the save button that is on ajaxcalls.js around line 2158  and duplicate the code for an already made field
  3.  on ajax_functions.php edit the function wpestate_ajax_update_profile and save the new field you will get from the above js function



The new custom field should be retrived via this code

update_post_meta($post_id, ‘new_agent_custom’, ‘true’);  where $post_id is the custom post id for that particular agent.