*There is 1 WordPress user Role used in our theme, “Subscriber”. “Agents, Agencies, Developers or Users” are different types of the same user role.
**Agent, Agency and Developer have a profile page created automatically on registration (which is listed in Admin – Agents, Agencies, and Developers)
*** A standard user will not have any profile page created. User can submit properties or can login just to save favorites or save searches.

Similarities between user types:

  • All types can submit properties.
  • For user you can select what pages to show in submit form from theme options
  • Agency, agency, and developer have their own profile page (different design) You can see examples here https://wpresidence.net/
  • Admin can create different submission membership packages for each user type from admin
  • For agent, developer and Agency types,  Admin can select which user type to approve manually (or all can be approved automatically). If manual approval is needed, admin has to approve (publish) the profile page from admin in order for the user to see the add property form in his dashboard.

Differences between user types:

  • Agency and Developer can add their agents and these agents will use the membership package attached to the agency or developer
  • Agency or developer can enable or disable the agent and its properties.
  • User doesn’t have a page profile.
  • User dashboard options are managed from theme options

Enable/disable types in the register form

Here how you enable and disable the user type drop-down in register form and how you enable whether you wish to manually approve all new agents or agencies or developers (or all)

Choose which roles you wish to show in register form:

These options allow users to register in front and select the user type they wish

Enable what pages to show for user type

Regardless of whether you have the user type dropdown enabled or not, you can select what pages to show for user dashboard from theme options.

NOTE: If no page is selected, all pages will show. This option was added in theme update 1.80.0

VIDEO: Create categories for agents, agencies or developers

The categories and types for these new options must be created from admin in order for them to exist in the front end. See the below video.


Video: Allow Agencies / Developers to add their own agents

For agencies and developers, we allow them to add/edit and disable their own agents from their account. That is possible if you create 2-pages with specific custom page templates. See this video

Video: Admin approves/publishes new agents, agencies or developers pages

Admin can manually publish agents/agencies or developers. This is how it works


Create membership packages for each user role

Admin can also select specific membership packages for a specific user type from Membership Packages – Add Package

Video: Create lists of agents, agencies or developers:

You can create specific lists for your published Agents / Agencies and Developers and add these lists to your main menu or footer menu.