Search type 6 supports tabs for the search over header media.


How to enable search type 6

Search type 6 works only with custom fields enabled.

First select type 6 from Advanced Search Settings:

Then go and select which taxonomy you wish to show categories from in the tabs. SAVE Settings

Next select the categories to show in tabs. Use CTRL to select multiple categories. SAVE Settings

Add minim and maxim price value for each category selected. SAVE Settings.

The values set for minim and maxim price by category show in search over header ONLY!

tab1 tab2

Last select what other custom fields you wish to show in advanced search and keep in mind that a dropdown with all categories will be added to your list of custom fields (this will replace the tab categories)

These custom fields will apply also in:

  • Mobile Search,
  • Half Map search fields,
  • Search Widget and
  • Search Shortcode.

Advanced Search Type 8

Advanced Search Custom Fields setup

How to set global Price slider for search

The Price slider in the list below takes the value set in Advanced Search Settings. It must be set separately.

  • Mobile Search,
  • Half Map search fields,
  • Search Widget and
  • Search Shortcode

This will apply in front:


Custom colors for tabs

For a custom tab color as in RIO demo, adapt this css to your categories selected and add the css in theme options – design – colors – custom colors – custom css {
background: #445A8C!important;
color: #fff;
border: 1px solid #445A8C!important;
border: 1px solid #D67B04;
background: #D67B04;

border: 1px solid #DC663C;
background: #DC663C;

.adv_search_tab_item a{
border: 1px solid #0489C2;
background: #0489C2;