Search type 6 supports tabs for the search over header media and allows to add different search fields for each tab.

As examples, you can check search type 6 with the theme main demo –, London Demo – and Tokyo Demo –


How to enable Search Type 6

Search search type 6. Save. Refresh

Select what categories you wish to show in search. Save . Refresh.

Configure price values for each categories (min and max), what fields you wish to show for each tab. Here is an example from Main Demo setup.

This is the search configuration for London Demo

Search form Position and display options

You can manage search position (float, fixed before header or after header), sticky position from this area

You can position categories tabs Left or Center

Manage search colors in float mode

Advanced Search Type 8

Advanced Search Custom Fields setup

Custom colors for tabs

For a custom tab color as in RIO demo, adapt this css to your categories selected and add the css in theme options – design – colors – custom colors – custom css {
background: #445A8C!important;
color: #fff;
border: 1px solid #445A8C!important;
border: 1px solid #D67B04;
background: #D67B04;

border: 1px solid #DC663C;
background: #DC663C;

.adv_search_tab_item a{
border: 1px solid #0489C2;
background: #0489C2;