The Full Width Slider can be set globally or for each property page.

Globally can be set from Theme Options-Desig-Property Page-Slider Type

To choose Full Width Header for only one property, you need to Edit Property and choose the Slider Type.

Full width header

The header looks like this when you select this option:

header slider

NOTE: with this style VIDEO from Youtube or Vimeo doesn’t show. 

The Full Width Header was designed to work with 8-9 images uploaded.

If you wish to add more than 8-9 images, and you wish to show the images on one row only, use this css and add in theme options – design – custom css:

#carousel-property-page-header .carousel-indicators{

If you wish to hide the thumbs, use this css

#carousel-property-page-header .carousel-indicators {
    display: none;

When the Full-Width Header is selected on the property page, the map will be found in a separate section, just with the property pin on the map.

If you select tab style:

FireShot Pro Screen Capture #017 - 'Gorgeous Farm in Jersey I roxana test' - roxana_wpresidence_net_properties_gorgeous-farm-in-jerse

If you select accordion style:



The code is generated in


$indicator = ‘<li data-target=”#carousel-property-page-header” data-slide-to=”0″ class=”active”><div class=”carousel-property-page-header-overalay”></div><img src=”‘.$thumb[0].'”></li>’;

<pre><img src=”‘.$thumb[0].'”> </pre>- defines the image

You can delete that and then with custom css you can style the list of thumbs differently.