General Information

How to add TEXT instead of Price

Use the before price label to add a text you wish to show instead of price and do not fill in the price field value. The label can be added using this field.

Replace ft. or m measurement with something else.

“Translate” ft to your new name, select your translation from Theme Options – General Settings. Translate help – Remove the 2 from ft2 with css sup{ display:none; }

Keep “More Options” open by default

Custom css to keep “more options” always open when selecting search type 1 #adv-search-1 .extended_search_check_wrapper{ display: block!important; } Results are show in this picture

Custom Order for Taxonomies / Categories

There is a plugin that has more sorting options and allows you to order in which order you wish: Custom Taxonomy Order NE – Short example about how to use this plugin Open TERM ORDER settings and select the taxonomy you wish to change order for Set your custom order and save This will […]

How to remove notes from Featured Agent shortcode

Remove the notes with this css .featured_agent_notes { display: none; } Make the details visible with this CSS .agent_featured_details { opacity: 1; position: relative; display: block; } Optional, remove the MY LISTINGS button with this css .featured_agent_listings.wpresidence_button { display: none; }

How to remove elements from the filters in properties list with CSS

Use this css and add in theme options – design – custom colors – custom css or in child theme Remove Cities [id=”a_filter_cities”] { display: none; } Remove Areas [id=”a_filter_areas”] { display: none; } Remove right border (for design consistency) .listing_filter_select { border-right: 0px solid #f0f0f0; } Original design/functionality After removing cities or areas with […]


First in functions.php – child theme add this new line Create a copy of wpresidence/rtl.css and move it to wpresidence-child folder and make the changes in the wpresidence-child/rtl.css file in a separate area (at the beginning of the file)

How to change mobile header height and logo size

To increase header height use this css code into theme options -> design -> custom css code .(or add in your style.css ) .mobile_header { height: 70px; } Change “70” value in the code with your own value. To increase mobile logo height use this css .mobile-logo img{ max-height: 70px; } Change “70” value in […]