General Information

How to remove Properties List Filter Options ONLY from taxonomy pages

If you wish that on taxonomy page you do not let users find properties form other categories/types/cities or areas and you simply let people sort the results from that taxonomy, you can use below css for this result .archive .listing_filter_select #a_filter_action{ display: none; } .archive .listing_filter_select #a_filter_categ{ display: none; } .archive .listing_filter_select #a_filter_cities{ display: none; […]

Advanced Search button redirects you always to the same page. What to check.

If you have this situation: Clicking on the Search Properties button redirects you always to the same page. Check first if the page for advanced search results is created   Don’t set Advanced Search results as homepage. Make sure Permalinks are set to custom   Check theme installation A wrong theme install (theme copied inside […]

How to remove Google Places from the map.

Use this css in theme options – design – Custom Colors – Custom css or directly in child theme style.css .google_map_poi_marker { display: none!important; } The CSS removes the elements highlighted below:  


Use “Quick Page/Post Redirect Plugin” To redirect certain pages to a page url you wish.    

How to edit the cluster map image to your own

Find the original cluster image in theme pack Open with an image editor – Fireworks, and edit/save with the same name. Replace the cloud.png in css/css-images folder with your own. Give it a  little while to update the maps. There is a caching system and can take a little longer.  

How to add TEXT instead of Price

Use the before price label to add a text you wish to show instead of price and do not fill in the price field value. The label can be added using this field.

Replace ft. or m measurement with something else.

“Translate” ft to your new name, select your translation from Theme Options – General Settings. Translate help – Remove the 2 from ft2 with css sup{ display:none; }