Theme Translation. What words are not in .po and must be translated from theme options

THERE ARE SEVERAL ITEMS THAT YOU MUST TRANSLATE FROM THEME OPTIONS: a. For Property Details, Property Features, Property Address These labels are managed from Admin – Theme Options – Listing labels. b. For Property Features & Amenities – Please go and edit them in Admin – Theme Options – Listing Custom Fields c. For Property […]

HOW TO UPDATE THE .PO TRANSLATION after a theme update

When a new theme version is released / updated, the translation .po must be updated as well to find the new terms – Step #1 Open up your existing language PO file with Poedit software. Step #2 Go to Catalogand selectUpdate from POT file Step #3 First, change the file type option to All Files, […]

How to rename theme words with Loco Translate

In order to rename theme words, you can use Loco Translate plugin. Please see below the steps that needs to be followed: 1.Install Loco Translate plugin 2. Install and activate it. Go to Loco Translate – Manage translations and edit the en_us,po already given in child theme   — select the language that you […]

How to modify theme text in English with POEDIT.

You can translate WP RESIDENCE default text in any language with POEdit. This includes modifying english terms and replacing them with your english terms (like Zip to Postcode and so on). You can also use LOCO TRANSLATE plugin to create the en_US.po from wp-admin and do the translation. Help How to rename theme words with Loco Translate POEDIT can […]

How to add translated .po files in child theme

If you wish to use the child theme we offer with the theme pack, see below video: The child theme includes some translations received from our clients which are more or less complete. To edit a translation, as shown in the video you can use LOCO TRANSLATE plugin (which is easier) or edit directly with […]

TRANSLATION: How to translate the theme to a different language

You can translate WP RESIDENCE WordPress theme in any language with POEdit. To use this module follow these steps: 1. Download and install POEdit. 2. With POedit open the file wpresidence.po located in languages folder. 3. Translate the file using poedit and save the file with the proper name (for example de_DE.po). If the file name is not right the translation […]