Residence Theme Options

Contact Form Settings

Consent to GDPR option was added on latest 1.40.1 theme version. If option is setup to yes it is displayed all theme contact forms. Ater option is enabled must create GDPR page template:

The pin is not placed automatically on map – Add New Property page

For the pin to be be automatically placed on the when the property is submitted, all address fields need to be selected from Theme Options-Membership-Property Submission Page If you wish to hide elements from front end, you can do it with  custom CSS, but they still need to be selected from Theme Options. In this […]

How to manage Comments Display

If you have in comments section such a wrong display alignment as in this screenshot. Open SCREEN OPTIONS and un-check “In Response To”

How to remove the login from the theme

In order to remove the login menu/ +Submit Properties you need to go to Theme Options-General-Header and set Show user login menu in header ? to NO     For the login to be remove from mobile as well, you need to add the below custom css in Theme Options-Design-Custom Colors-Custom CSS: .mobile-trigger-user { display: none; […]

Advanced Search custom fields setup

Here is a short video how to manage advanced search fields options (how to add default fields and how to add your own custom fields)   —- How to enable custom fields: To set how many fields to show Works ONLY with custom fields enabled, set on YES To enable Tabs in Search and select […]

Advanced Search Settings in Theme Options

Manage from this area the global search settings: Advanced Search type You can change the Advanced Search type. This option applies globally on all header types. You can choose between 9 types. Read about each type here – Show Advanced Search? You can enable or disable the Advanced Search from all header types. You have […] – How to work with Inbox Private Message System

Enable Private Message system for theme default contact form: Make sure you have a page created for the INBOX in user dashboard The message system button will be seen on contact form on property page and agent / agency / developer profile page. Messages will be seen and replied to from INBOX page

Select the number of properties listed on one page

You select the number of properties listed on one page in Admin – Theme Options – Appearance. This applies for property taxonomies, properties list, properties list half. PROPERTIES LIST HALF MAP PAGE Properties List Standard Page Template All about property custom taxonomies

1.20.2 How to manage submit form fields and mandatory fields.

Starting version 1.20.2 the fields that are mandatory and the fields that are included in submit are managed from theme options. For clients who update from an older version: Please check Membership – Property Submission Page and select which mandatory fields to have in submit. This is now manually controlled from theme options. Note about […]

How to make property unit style in lists: grid or list style

Go to Appearance settings Select what style you wish to have for your property unit as default style: list or grid This option applies for all properties lists: properties list custom page (standard and half map), taxonomy page list, advanced search results list. List style example:

1.20 Print PDF Management

Manage what elements to show in print from Theme Options-Design-Property Print Page Design. The is available starting 1.20. Clients with an older version of the theme will not see this option in admin.  

1.19 YELP API Integration

Starting April 21 the YELP API 2 is retired and only YELP FUSION applies. After upgrading to theme v 1.20.4 you will need to re-create the API as explained below. YELP API will show info about what’s nearby property location and their YELP ratings, like this. How it works First check if YELP API works […]

Footer Design Settings in Theme Options

Sticky footer Starting  theme version 1.30.1 we have support for sticky footer which can be enabled/disabled from theme options: Footer Design Options Several settings are listed un General Options – Footer Show footer area You can disable or enable the entire footer area. In front end, this is the footer area (widgets + copyright) Show […]

1.18 Vertical Menu. Header Type 3

To choose Vertical Menu for your installation, first select Header Type from theme options Header type 3 – is vertical – positioned on the right side and closed by default The Login/Register will not be included in the header type 3.  You can add a register/login widget  or shortcode to Sidebar Menu Widget Area (before or […]


Supported Countries – The settings for Stripe merchant can be found in Theme Options – Membership – Stripe Settings Activate SANDBOX OR LIVE and change the API if you switch from live to sandbox or the other way around And make sure you have this page in admin – PAGES with this exact template. […]

1.17 Main Menu Design

Starting 1.17 update – from Main Menu Design tab you can change colors, font size and hover design Colors managed from this settings area are: Top Menu Font Color Top Menu Hover Font Color Transparent Header – Top Menu Font Color Top Menu Hover Background Color* *this works for Top Menu Hover Type 3 + […]

1.17 General Design Settings: Grid Width, Header Height and many more

Starting theme update v1.17 you have more design options in backend. From theme options  – General Design Settings you can control the following. Main Grid Width in px The entire grid will change in front end, except the half map style page which is by default 100% width because of the special page content/design. You can […]

1.17 Sidebar Widget Design

Starting theme update 1.17 the theme offers new design options for widgets – allowing clients to  override default design with their own design idea. The options are managed from theme options – design – Sidebar Widget Design and these include Widget padding control: The option applies for boxed widgets (that come with the theme) and for […]

1.17 Property, Agent, Blog Lists Design Settings

Starting 1.17 from theme options you control if you wish the lists for agents, properties or blog posts to be on 3 columns or 4 columns. From the same area you set the minim height for the card (agent card, property card or blog card): Card height is useful when you create your own property […]

Custom Property Card Unit – Beta version

You can choose one of the 5 default property unit card designs from theme options – or you can work on a custom unit by using the Custom Property Card Unit builder (beta version) — Custom Property Card Unit Starting 1.17 update in theme options there is a special area to design the property unit yourself, […]

How to limit the number of images uploaded in front end submission form

Starting version 1.16.1 in theme option admin can set the maximum number of images that can be uploaded in submission form. Go to theme options and set the number of images you wish to allow. Leave 0 for unlimited images. In front end the user will be notified that he has reached the max upload […]

reCaptcha settings in Theme Options

Starting version 1.16.1 in Theme Options you can enable or disable reCaptcha for register form. This is a useful tool to prevent registration spam. To use this feature you must add site key and secret key which you take from this url  If you get this error Recaptcha: ERROR for site owner: Invalid domain for […]

Property Page Custom Templates

Starting 1.16 WP Residence supports custom page templates for property page. This features means that each client has endless possibilities when designing the property page. We created 4 templates as examples but you can use our new shortcodes your own combination. NOTE: This feature is released as an initial version. Updates will follow. To create your […]

Import theme options. Export theme options.

Starting v1.15 – if you wish to move just theme options from a domain to another, you can use the export options – import options settings available in theme options – advanced: Use copy/paste to move the settings and then save:

Agent & Agency Contact

Contact form for agent/agency/developer/user If the property is submitted by a user with administrator level, no contact form shows. Contact form for agent shows on the property page, under agent or user info (email is sent to agent/user email address) Contact form from the agent page (email is sent to agent email address) Agent contact […]

1.5 Minify css and js file

Minify css and js file option can be found in Theme Options – Advanced – Site Speed. IMPORTANT *Each time you make changes with CSS, you will need to disable Minify css and js file option, make the change that you wish and after enable the option again. **If you do not follow the above steps, the […]

Header Settings in Theme Options

The header settings are edited in Theme Options – General – Header. What each option does is explained below: Show top bar widget menu? Show user login menu in header ? Global transparent header? Transparent Header will look good if you will choose light colors for menu font. Hence you will need a dark background […]

Listing Labels. Property Status. Property status background color.

  New Property status can be added in Theme Options – General – Listing Labels. When you add a new property status, you may require to add custom css for it, so that you can arrange text and choose background color. Custom CSS panel is in Theme Options – Design. Video Tutorial for Property Status – […]

Property Map Pins – Theme Options

How to select Price Pins You can choose to use full price or the small version. For full price,  the after and the before price labels will be displayed as well. This is how the pins will show with Full price set to NO This is how the pins will show with the Full Price […]

1.17 Logos & Favicon Settings Updated

How to Add your own logos For default design, the logo must have a maximum height 70 px and the sticky logo must have maximum height 60px. If you add logos with bigger height, they will be automatically resized to this max height. Changing max logo height is done through custom css. See more below.  Standard […]

How to enable / disable Page View Statistics graphic

The views graphic can be disabled or enabled for property page front end view from theme options – property page appearance:   The number of views are always displayed in property page – next to social icons And in user dashboard – my properties list page

How to find latitude and longitude. How to set Google Maps coordinates.

To find out Latitude and Longitude for Google Maps, starting point go to Google Maps, find your location, click right on the location on the map and click “What’s here”. Coordinates will show in the search bar on top. Global Header Add the default location for Google Maps set as Global Header – If you […]

How to approve properties manually. How to approve properties automatically.

As Admin you can set to publish front end submitted properties manually or automatically. Option is in theme options – membership settings. Admin approves the properties (including edit property) – set this option to YES Properties should be published automatically (if payment is enabled, this happens after payment is processed and received in admin account) […]

Yahoo login doesn’t work

The error message: The error URL says it cannot find the OPEN ID Server Looked online by No OpenID Server found I found a similar situation with a solution your hosting can help try:… Solution Luckily, server admins were able to quickly discover the config difference in php configuration allow_url_fopen = 1 solved the issue […]