6. Property Page

Add property subunits (sublistings)

Starting 1.19 in each property you can attach other properties as subunits. The subunits are also properties so they will show in properties search results. First publish your properties. Published means  properties with status published View from admin View from front end user dashboard – my properties Add subunits Edit the property post for the […]

Virtual Tour in Property Page

How to add virtual tour from admin backend To add a tour, you must copy/paste the embed code in Property Details – Property Media – Virtual Tour How to add virtual tour from front end submit from The same option can be used in front-end submission form (what fields should show are managed from theme options […]

How to limit the number of images uploaded in front end submission form

Admin can set the maximum number of images per listing that can be uploaded in submission form for 3  scenarios: 1. Free Submission   2. Membership based submission (free membership)   3. Paid Membership packages    How to set unlimited images Save 0 value for unlimited images. Front submission message: In front end the user […]

Property Page Custom Template Shortcodes

Starting 1.16 WP Residence supports custom page templates for property page – help to set a template is here Property Page Custom Templates This features offers each WP Residence client endless possibilities when designing the property page. We created 4 templates as examples which you can import as instructed in this help – http://help.wpresidence.net/2016/05/18/demo-setup-how-to-import-demo-property-page-custom-templates/ – but […]

Property Page Custom Templates

Starting 1.16 WP Residence supports custom page templates for property page. This features means that each client has endless possibilities when designing the property page. We created 4 templates as examples but you can use our new shortcodes your own combination. NOTE: This feature is released as an initial version. Updates will follow. To create your […]

Full Width Header Slider in Property Page

The Full Width Slider can be set globally or for each property page. Globally can be set from Theme Options-Desig-Property Page-Slider Type To choose Full Width Header for only one property, you need to Edit Property and choose the Slider Type. The header looks like this when you select this option: NOTE: with this style […]

Agent & Agency Contact

Contact form for agent/agency/developer/user If the property is submitted by a user with administrator level, no contact form shows. Contact form for agent shows on the property page, under agent or user info (email is sent to agent/user email address) Contact form from the agent page (email is sent to agent email address) Agent contact […]

Featured Properties: How they work

For Free Submission: If Paid Submission is set to NO (which means submission is free), user cannot make a property featured from front end submission dashboard. Only Admin can do that from admin – edit property. For paid listing: User must pay the price to publish a listing AND (optional and for an additional price) […]

How to add images to properties from admin. How to re-order images from admin.

You can managed images also from Admin – ADD / Edit Property – Property Details – Property Media. Make sure you upload different images for each property. If you use existing images from Gallery they will be automatically detached from the previous post and inserted in the new post. Add your images   Change featured […]

Similar post and similar properties

SIMILAR POSTS AND SIMILAR PROPERTIES Related Listings on Property Page display the last 3 (by default) published listings from the same category, action and city. You can change the number of listsing displayed from Theme Options-General-Apperance- Related Articles on Blog Post display the last 3 post with the same Tag.  

Contact Form 7 in Residence

CONTENT Installation Setup Main Features Style the Forms Limitations If you use this option, the theme default contact will be replaced with a contact form 7 contact form – but the emails will still be sent to agent email address.  Install Contact Form 7 First, install Contact 7 plugin – https://wordpress.org/plugins/contact-form-7/ Go to Admin – […]

Custom Header Media Options

The theme allows you to set global header for all pages, posts, properties, agents, taxonomies, archive pages. This is managed from Theme Options – Header Settings. Help – http://help.wpresidence.net/article/global-header-options/ Custom Header Media Options For every page you can choose a different header media option from this list: GOOGLE MAPS, REVOLUTION SLIDER, THEME SLIDER, IMAGE, VIDEO  NO HEADER […]