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How to make property unit style in lists: grid or list style

Go to Appearance settings Select what style you wish to have for your property unit as default style: list or grid This option applies for all properties lists: properties list custom page (standard and half map), taxonomy page list, advanced search results list. List style example:

1.20 Print PDF Management

Manage what elements to show in print from Theme Options-Design-Property Print Page Design. The is available starting 1.20. Clients with an older version of the theme will not see this option in admin.  

Make property field label standard font weight and value in bold

  To make the below design switch with css Remove current bold .listing_detail strong{ font-weight:300; } Add bold to the field value .listing_detail { padding: 3px 0px; font-weight: 800; } You can make the font-weight value different. These are just examples. These are possible options

How to add Cities and Areas in front end submit form

In front end submit the theme supports  auto-complete for City/Area/State/Address OR dropdowns for City/State/Areas. This is managed from GENERAL SETTINGS – Enable or disable google places auto-complete – YES or NO IF this option is set to YES   With auto-complete on, the city, area and state are saved when property is submitted. The fields can […]

How to manage Parent – Child property taxonomies (property categories)

NOTE: Search over map and ajax search works with custom taxonomies ONLY if you add 1 category to each property. Same applies for action taxonomy. DON’T ATTACH A PROPERTY TO multiple categories or multiple actions.  You can use child categories and assign the property just to child. Then the property will show in results when searching […]

1.19 YELP API Integration

Starting April 21 the YELP API 2 is retired and only YELP FUSION applies. After upgrading to theme v 1.20.4 you will need to re-create the API as explained below. YELP API will show info about what’s nearby property location and their YELP ratings, like this. How it works First check if YELP API works […]

1.19 Add property subunits – How to attach apartments to a building

Starting 1.19 in each property you can attach other properties as subunits. The subunits are also properties so they will show in properties search results. First publish your properties. Published means that have status published View from admin View from front end user dashboard – my properties Add subunits Next edit the property post for […]

1.8.4 Virtual Tour in Property Page

Starting 1.18.4 a single property page has a separate section for Virtual Tour. To add a tour, you must copy/paste the embed code in Property Details – Property Media – Virtual Tour The same option can be used in front end submission form It shows as a single Tab or Accordion Virtual Tour Code Example […]