6. Property Page

How to assign users, agent, agency or developer to properties from admin

Edit property from admin: Go to Agent tab and select Main Agent and User: Important! In order to get the correct user of the agent must edit the agent/agency/developer page from admin- Agents, check field  The user id for this profile and go in admin – User to see which user has that id:

“Add Listing” Button and Form in Main Menu area

Starting 1.40.1 theme update the “Submit Property” button was replaced by “Login” button and “Add Listing” button is added. How to enable or remove the new “Add Listing” button The new button can be disabled / enabled from header menu from theme options The button will show in top menu area. The button will open […]


How to Enable Save Search feature Step 1: Admin creates the page for displaying saved searches in user dashboard or you import it with demo content import Step2: Admin enables the save search options and sets in theme options if emails about new properties that match saved searches should be emailed daily or weekly User gets […]

Enable / Disable property graph and number of views

The graphic on default template property page can be turned off from theme options – Property page settings: 2. The number of views are always displayed in property page – next to social icons, and the graphic with views by day from user dashboard – my properties will always show. To remove the icon + […]

Property Slider Types

1. Full-Width Header Slider The Full-Width Slider can be set globally or for each property page. Globally Can be set from Theme Options-Design-Property Page-Slider Type. Per Property To choose Full-Width Header for only one property, you need to Edit Property and choose the Slider Type. The header looks like this when you select this option: […]

All about property custom taxonomies (categories)

In WP Residence the taxonomies are: Categories, Action, City, Neighborhood, County/State You can find them in the Admin Dashboard, under Properties section. How to add or edit a category Titles must equal slugs. Always LET WORDPRESS CREATE THE SLUG. Titles must match slugs To Delete a category use the Delete button Add child categories: Create or […]

Agent Contact Form Position

Agent / Agency / Developer details + contact form can show on the sidebar or after property details Select – NO for agent after details Select YES for agent on sidebar   AGENT FORM ON SIDEBAR AGENT FORM AFTER PROPERTY DETAILS You can also show the contact form in property gallery lightbox (which shows when […]

Enable / Disable property reviews

1. The Reviews on default template property page can be turned off from theme options – Property page settings: 2. You can choose if admin should approve the reviews from General – User Role Settings:

Assign City to State

In the 1.30.7 theme version we have added a new connection between City and State/County taxonomies. Step 1 Edit City Step 2 Choose a State/County from the dropdown On new city creation, if a State/County is not assigned, the first one from the list will be automatically assigned. After the connection is done, in filter […]

Property Category / Status in property unit – manage background color

Starting 1.30.7 – with default property unit, 3 units set to show on one row with no sidebar, the theme displays also property type To manage the colors for the property type category, use this css .action_tag_wrapper.Rentals { background-color: #0D84B2; } .action_tag_wrapper.Sales { background-color: #E5274F; } Adapt “Sales” or Rentals” to your category name. Help […]

Manage Floor Plans

Manage floor plans from front end in My Properties page or in Edit page. For front end dashboard you need a page template with User Dashboard Floor Plans saved. In admin you can edit / add floor plans from FLOOR PLANS section. Please see this video for more information

Remove Advance Search From Property Page

Use this css in child theme or in design – custom colors -custom css .single-estate_property #search_wrapper{ display: none!important; } Help for custom css: http://help.wpresidence.net/article/how-to-add-custom-css/

Remove Similar Listings CSS

Remove similar listings with this css .listing-content .mylistings { display: none; } Help for custom csS:  http://help.wpresidence.net/article/how-to-add-custom-css/  

How to add multiple Agents for property

Starting 1.30.1 theme version we have added the feature to be able to assign a property to more than one agent. The feature is made for back-end only.  The admin will be able to assign the agents to the property from Agent section in Property Details: You can select more agents with CTRL.  To reset […]

Submission Page – Manage submit form fields and mandatory fields.

  Please check Membership – Property Submission Page and select which mandatory fields to have in submit. This is now manually controlled from theme options. IMPORTANT: For country or any location fields do not remove unless you don’t use Google Maps as well.  Google maps api needs to send the country, city, area, state info to google […]

How to attach City to State, and Area / Neighborhood to City

From 1.30.7 you can also attach a City to State. See below video Edit Area / City from admin Edit Area Attach city and save Save New Area / City In Front End Submission If you let the city / area be input fields (synced with google places), the City and Area are saved in the […]

How to make property unit style in lists: grid or list style

Go to Appearance settings and Select what style you wish to have for your property unit as default style: list or grid This option applies for all properties lists: properties list custom page (standard and half map), taxonomy page list, advanced search results list. List style example: http://demo1.wpresidence.net/

Print PDF Design Options

Manage what elements to show in print from Theme Options – Design – Property Print Page Design: User selects “Print to PDF” in each property  

How to add Cities and Areas in front end submit form

In front end submit the theme supports auto-complete for City/Area/State/Address OR dropdowns for City/State/Areas. This is managed from Membership- PROPERTY SUBMISSION PAGE Enable or disable google places auto-complete – YES or NO If this option is set to YES Choose what system do you want to use for geolocation: google places or open street IMPORTANT! If choose google places […]

How to manage Parent – Child property taxonomies (property categories)

NOTE: Search over map and ajax search works with custom taxonomies ONLY if you add 1 category to each property. Same applies for action taxonomy. DON’T ATTACH A PROPERTY TO multiple categories or multiple actions.  You can use child categories and assign the property just to child. Then the property will show in results when searching […]

Advanced Theme Settings – YELP API Integration

Starting April 21 the YELP API 2 is retired and only YELP FUSION applies. After upgrading to theme v 1.20.4 you will need to re-create the API as explained below. YELP API will show info about what’s nearby property location and their YELP ratings, like this. How it works First check if YELP API works […]

Add property subunits – How to attach apartments to a building

Starting 1.19 in each property you can attach other properties as subunits. The subunits are also properties so they will show in properties search results. First publish your properties. Published means that have status published View from admin View from front end user dashboard – my properties Add subunits Next edit the property post for […]

Virtual Tour in Property Page

How to add virtual tour from admin backend To add a tour, you must copy/paste the embed code in Property Details – Property Media – Virtual Tour How to add virtual tour from front end submit from The same option can be used in front-end submission form (what fields should show are managed from theme options […]

How to limit the number of images uploaded in front end submission form

Admin can set the maximum number of images per listing that can be uploaded in submission form for 3  scenarios: 1. Free Submission   2. Membership based submission (free membership)   3. Paid Membership packages    How to set unlimited images Save 0 value for unlimited images. Front submission message: In front end the user […]

Property Page Custom Template Shortcodes

Starting 1.16 WP Residence supports custom page templates for property page – help to set a template is here Property Page Custom Templates This features offers each WP Residence client endless possibilities when designing the property page. We created 4 templates as examples which you can import as instructed in this help – http://help.wpresidence.net/2016/05/18/demo-setup-how-to-import-demo-property-page-custom-templates/ – but […]

Property Page Custom Templates

Starting 1.16 WP Residence supports custom page templates for property page. This features means that each client has endless possibilities when designing the property page. We created 4 templates as examples but you can use our new shortcodes your own combination. NOTE: This feature is released as an initial version. Updates will follow. To create your […]

Full Width Header Slider in Property Page

The Full Width Slider can be set globally or for each property page. Globally can be set from Theme Options-Desig-Property Page-Slider Type To choose Full Width Header for only one property, you need to Edit Property and choose the Slider Type. The header looks like this when you select this option: NOTE: with this style […]

Agent & Agency Contact

Contact form for agent/agency/developer/user If the property is submitted by a user with administrator level, no contact form shows. Contact form for agent shows on the property page, under agent or user info (email is sent to agent/user email address) Contact form from the agent page (email is sent to agent email address) Agent contact […]

How to add and how to re-order images in Property Slider

Add images from admin – edit property Video how to manage properties in ADMIN area. Includes also how to re-order images from admin.   Step1: Edit property and Select Edit Media: Step2: Add your images Step 3: Close the media uploader!!!!!!!!! DON’T CLICK INSERT TO POST   HOW TO EDIT EXISTING PROPERTIES ATTACHMENTS / IMAGES […]