7. Properties List

How to make property unit style in lists: grid or list style

Go to Appearance settings Select what style you wish to have for your property unit as default style: list or grid This option applies for all properties lists: properties list custom page (standard and half map), taxonomy page list, advanced search results list. List style example: http://demo1.wpresidence.net/

Recent Items by ID. List properties or articles by specific ID

This  is the shortcode to add properties or articles by id For properties, the shortcode works as described by the next screenshots. Find the IDs of the properties you wish to list. How to see IDs in the theme Add the properties IDs separated by comma and select the other shortcode options: how many listings […]


IMPORTANT NOTES 1. Remember that this page needs header Google Maps. You need to set header custom for each page. http://help.wpresidence.net/article/custom-header-options/ 2. Advanced Search must be set to display (option Show Advanced Search – must be YES) for the filters to show. http://help.wpresidence.net/article/advanced-search-options/ 3. MULTIPLE category selections of the same type work only for PARENT categories.  Make sure you select multiple […]

Zoom in Advanced Search Results page, Properties List page and Taxonomy page.

These pages: advanced search results, properties list, taxonomies pages behave differently if google maps is set as header option. On these pages the map pins and properties in list are in sync. For this feature the map will change automatically the zoom to display all the pins from list in the map view.  Because of this the […]

Technical how to: How i can add new fields / new sorting order for the properties list.

This document works for standard property list and also for property category pages (if you chose standard display). The property list page (property_list.php) and the property category pages (taxonomy.php) are displaying the lists using a template file called normal_map_core.php In this file we load another template file that contains the html code for the filters […]

List Properties: How to have pages for specific categories, cities, areas, or types?

If you wish to have filters on page you go to admin – property – categories (or actions) and click VIEW on the category name. You get a list like this http://wpresidence.net/listings/apartments/ This list can be added to menus: 2. Properties List Page Template (with or without filters) Create a page from Admin – Page – […]

Technical how to : Add details on properties (in property list)

When a property list is displayed we put each property inside a container we call “property unit” or “property card”. To add , change or edit details inside this property unit you need to edit the file property_unit.php . This file is used on all properties list, so you need to be aware that any […]

Properties List Doesn’t Work FAQ

Make sure you have all titles and slugs saved correctly. Titles must match slugs. To confirm you wrote them correctly, create/edit categories following this image example: Example of correct slugs: Apartments (title) – apartments (slugs) Residential Homes (title) – residential-homes (slug)