Payment Options


Supported Countries – The settings for Stripe merchant can be found in Theme Options – Membership – Stripe Settings Please see these video tutorials for Stripe set-up: Video Tutorial to set-up STRIPE – Video Tutorial to add membership in Stripe –   ———   Create and activate your STRIPE account at – […]


Video Tutorial: First enable the option from theme options: Then fill in the information where you wish people to send the payment to: And add the currency for payments if the currency you wish to use doesn’t already exists in Currency For Paid Submission list. First add currency and SAVE: Save \ Select currency: […]


After v1.15 The settings for PayPal can be found in Theme Options – Membership – PayPal Settings. In v1.15 the only thing that was changed is the design of the dashboard interface. The rest of the settings remain the same as until now. When PayPal does not work please check the following: -only one Payment […]