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How to remove Properties List Filter Options ONLY from taxonomy pages

If you wish that on taxonomy page you do not let users find properties form other categories/types/cities or areas and you simply let people sort the results from that taxonomy, you can use below css for this result .archive .listing_filter_select #a_filter_action{ display: none; } .archive .listing_filter_select #a_filter_categ{ display: none; } .archive .listing_filter_select #a_filter_cities{ display: none; […]


Supported Countries – The settings for Stripe merchant can be found in Theme Options – Membership – Stripe Settings Please see these video tutorials for Stripe set-up: Video Tutorial to set-up STRIPE – Video Tutorial to add membership in Stripe –   ———   Create and activate your STRIPE account at – […]


Video Tutorial: First enable the option from theme options: Then fill in the information where you wish people to send the payment to: And add the currency for payments if the currency you wish to use doesn’t already exists in Currency For Paid Submission list. First add currency and SAVE: Save \ Select currency: […]