Third Party Plugins - Multi Languages

Weglot Custom CSS for Language Dropdown

How to use custom css – ul { display: block; background-color: white; max-height: 300px; overflow-y: auto; visibility: visible!important; opacity: 1!important; margin-left: 0px!important; padding-top: 0px!important; width: 169px!important; } .wgcurrent a { padding-right: 60px!important; }

Multi Language 3rd Party Recommended Solutions

4 years ago only WPMl was the solution to a multi-language site that supports custom fields (as our themes do). But unfortunately WPML is a difficult plugin to manage and use since it requires translating EVERYTHING manually. We had the chance to test other multilanguage alternatives, still 3rd party plugins, but much easier to handle. […]

WPML – How to translate default fields.

  Screenshots from WP RESIDENCE setup: USE COPY FOR CUSTOM FIELDS AND FEATURES AND AMENITIES for these fields to be copied when using “Copy from x translation” option.

How to NOT translate properties with WPML

In WPML – Multilingual content setup you see that for Property post type it is set to translate. If you don’t wish to translate Properties you can change this option from wpml-config.xml And you have to set 0 instead of one to not translate. <custom-type translate=”0″>estate_property</custom-type>

WPML – Translate Features & Amenities

For new strings (like custom fields, features and amenities) to register – you must have the option to register new strings on.  We recommend to keep it only when you’re logged in as admin as this is a setting that will slow down your site if used on limited servers. Also, since 3.0 version new […]

How to translate custom post slug in WPML

About the permalinks, you can translate the permalinks for the custom posts following these steps: – Go to WPML-> Translation Management -> Multilingual Content Setup tab – Go to Custom posts slug translation options and enable that option – When the page reloads, you can add a translation for the custom post slug (as shown […]

WPML – how to translate email notifications

To send emails in a 2nd language, please see below. There are 2 strings for the emails. The one that is sent to user is the one you see with wpestate_email in front The other one, with no function name in string translation, was used BEFORE we added Email Management, and it doesn’t apply after […]

WPML – set pins to work for all languages

You must follow all these steps: a. In all your taxonomy translation follow this rule – Titles must match slugs.  Edit slugs from Category – Edit Category if WPMl doesn’t allow you to edit the slugs from their settings. b. Add Pins to action + category combination in every language. Switch language from top bar. […]

WPML MultiLanguage HELP – Optional

IMPORTANT Please keep in mind that WPML is a multilanguage plugin which is paid. Must be installed and used separately from the theme. It requires admin translates everything manually from wp-admin. Also, the support for the plugin is normally done by WPML as the support code is based on their documentation and instructions. They tested […]