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How to get your buyer license code from Theme Forest. How to activate the theme.

IMPORTANT: You must do this only once after you update or install WP Residence v 1.30.4. This will not be required again for future updates, unless you decide to reset database and start over.  Login in Theme Forest with your buyer account. Go to Downloads Go to your purchase and select License Certificate and Purchase […]

How to add MailChimp form

Install MailChimp for WordPress plugin   Connect the plugin to your mailchimp account Create your lists in Mailchimp Create a form and select the list Edit the form and Add the form with the shortcode We use this form html for our form from demo mailchimp   Replace the form in the shortcode example from […]

Export – Import properties from a different WordPress theme

Any real estate theme we have seen uses different fields and/or different field names. So to export/import you need 2 tools: a. Export database from your current theme to xml or cvs —> for this I am not aware of a confirmed working tool. I know about this Alpha plugin – but no client told […]

Theme Translation. What words are not in .po and must be translated from theme options

THERE ARE SEVERAL ITEMS THAT YOU MUST TRANSLATE FROM THEME OPTIONS: a. For Property Details, Property Features, Property Address These labels are managed from Admin – Theme Options – Listing labels. b. For Property Features & Amenities – Please go and edit them in Admin – Theme Options – Listing Custom Fields c. For Property […]

How to add icons to Featured and Amenities

In order to add icons to features and amenities from property page must build CSS for each element using :nth-of-type() and before css  selectors . !!! This workaround works only if is setup to display all features and amenities!! Example: First remove exiting icons using below CSS: For accordion #accordion_prop_features .listing_detail i { display: none; } […]

Remove advanced search only from homepage

You can remove the advanced search only from homepage with a custom css class. Below example is to remove search type 5 only from home, but this can be adapted to all search types Search type 5: .home #search_wrapper.search_wr_5 { display: none; } Add the css in theme options – design – custom colors – […]