Residence Header / Menu Options

Header type 1

Header Type 1 can be selected from Theme Options-General-Header-Header type Header type 1 can be set to have the logo aligned to left   or to right Header type 1 can also be made wide (screen wide) from the Header section in Theme Options as well.  

1.18 Vertical Menu. Header Type 3

To choose Vertical Menu for your installation, first select Header Type from theme options Header type 3 – is vertical – positioned on the right side and closed by default The Login/Register will not be included in the header type 3.  You can add a register/login widget  or shortcode to Sidebar Menu Widget Area (before or […]

Header Type 2 – Center Menu (if no user menu is enabled)

If you use this header combination and you wish to center menu as well, please read further. Select header type 2 with logo centered Below css will align menu in center (use this ONLY if you don’t enable the user menu in header). By default menu is on the left and user menu is on […]

1.17 Main Menu Design

Starting 1.17 update – from Main Menu Design tab you can change colors, font size and hover design Colors managed from this settings area are: Top Menu Font Color Top Menu Hover Font Color Transparent Header – Top Menu Font Color Top Menu Hover Background Color* *this works for Top Menu Hover Type 3 + […]

1.17 General Design Settings: Grid Width, Header Height and many more

Starting theme update v1.17 you have more design options in backend. From theme options  – General Design Settings you can control the following. Main Grid Width in px The entire grid will change in front end, except the half map style page which is by default 100% width because of the special page content/design. You can […]

Header Settings in Theme Options

The header settings are edited in Theme Options – General – Header. What each option does is explained below: Show top bar widget menu? Show user login menu in header ? Global transparent header? Transparent Header will look good if you will choose light colors for menu font. Hence you will need a dark background […]

1.17 Logos & Favicon Settings Updated

How to Add your own logos For default design, the logo must have a maximum height 70 px and the sticky logo must have maximum height 60px. If you add logos with bigger height, they will be automatically resized to this max height. Changing max logo height is done through custom css. See more below.  Standard […]

Mega Menu

To set a Main Menu item as Mega Menu – Check the option as in below screenshot and SAVE How to add background color: To add background color to the mega menu content, use CSS. See example below. Change the color code to your color code. background-color: #fafafa; How to add background image for mega […]


To create the menu go to Appearance -> Menu. Create a new menu and add the links using the panels listed on the left. You can also add a custom link to show in footer: Save It would be placed like this