Residence Header / Menu Options

1.40 Add Listing Form and Button

Starting 1.40.1 theme update the “Submit Property” button was replaced by “Login” button and “Add Listing” button is added. How to enable or remove the new Submit button The new button can be disabled / enabled from header menu from theme options The button will show in top menu area. The button will open a […]

Header type 4- Vertical header

The theme has 5 header types that be be used.  The header type can selected from Theme Options-General-Header Header Type 4 – is vertical – left and open by default Below you can find the steps to set the header type Select type 4: The elements from menu can be edited from admin-Appearance-Menus The vertical […]

Tokyo Menu Background Color

This colors are set with custom css Adapt below css to your needs and edit or add in theme options – design – custom colors – custom css .header_type3_menu_sidebar { background-color: #FF3B3D; } .header_type3_menu_sidebar #access>li>a, .header_type3_menu_sidebar #access .menu>li>a i { color: #ffffff; }

How to add icons to main menu (same as in Los Angeles Demo for ex)

For this end result: Follow the below steps. Go to admin – menus – edit menu   Example of Navigation Label You can take other fontawesome icons from our theme list of icons – For the spacing between icon menus we added a custom css solution (which may need to be adjusted to your […]

1.30.3 – Header Image And Parallax Effect

There are 2 global options related to header image. Select header type to be global (all pages, all posts, all properties, all agents, all taxonomies, all archives and categories) and Enable parallax for all header media with image or video   If you wish to use header image only for a specific page / post […]

1.30.3 Video Header option for each Page & Post

The Video Header options shows under Appearance Settings in Edit Page – Edit Post – Edit Agent – Edit Property (* except for when you choose to have full header slider) For the video header you can add self hosted video in mp4, WEBM, OGV versions. You can include a cover image (in case the […]


FOR RETINA LOGOS VERSIONS: To add Retina logo versions for your own logos, create retina logo, add _2x at the end of name of the original file (for ex logo_2x.jpg) and upload it in the same uploads folder as the non retina logo. These are example steps to add the retina logo version for your […]

How to add Font Awesome icon to footer menu

Edit footer menu item from Admin – Menus Add the icon font awesome in the CSS CLASSES element. You can find the CSS class for your icon on the Font Awesome homepage or by using the the cheatsheet. Each is prefixed by “fa-” to differentiate from any other common classes that may already be in […]

How to change Header Type. How to change Logo / Menu position

Header Type is changed from Header Settings For each type you can select different alignment options   \  And for all options you can set header wide – 100% or grid wide (wide as the grid set by default or modified in theme options – general design ( ) These are the links to each […]

Header type 2

Header type  2 can be selected from Theme Options-General-Header-Header type You can chose to place the logo on the LEFT side of the header Place logo in CENTER Or place the logo on the RIGHT side. Header type 2 can be also set to be WIDE (100% screen wide)