Google Maps

How to set the location of a property on the map

If the pin is not placed on the map for a property, the map will show a default location in center of global maps. Pin can be placed in 3 ways: 1. With the Place PIN with Address button (which sends to Google Maps the City, Country, Area – if filled in, Address – if […]

Center map pin

The information we add into infoboxes are “attached” tot the actual marker (pin) when we create it. This happen in mapfunctions.js file via function createMarker() To center pin in map must remove map.panBy from all highlighted places as displayed in below screenshot, but this will apply for all locations of the map / infobox. Explanations when you […]

1.15 Google Map with Property Marker shortcode

Starting 1.15 there’s a new shortcode in the list. The shortcode can be accessed from wordpress editor ‘ Or you can add through Visual Composer Read here how to find the correct property ID – The shortcode looks like this: — If Full Width Header will be used on property page, this shortcode will appear […]

Enable Map Mouse Zoom In and Zoom Out

To enable map mouse zoom in and zoom out edit the goolg_map_code_listings.js and remove the scrollwheel:false on the 2 locations on this screencapture: Also do the same thing for google_map_code.js

Zoom in Advanced Search Results page, Properties List page and Taxonomy page.

These pages: advanced search results, properties list, taxonomies pages behave differently if google maps is set as header option. On these pages the map pins and properties in list are in sync. For this feature the map will change automatically the zoom to display all the pins from list in the map view.  Because of this the […]

Pin Management – Theme Options

Starting version 1.30.1 we have added price pins. The old options remain, just that now you can choose to use uploaded pins or price ones. The new options can find in Theme Options-Map-Pin Management. Price Pins You can choose to use full price or not. For full price, the after an before labels will be […]

How to Generate Pins Hourly

Hi In events.php around line 56 you have if( !function_exists(‘setup_wpestate_cron_generate_pins_daily’) ): function setup_wpestate_cron_generate_pins_daily() { if ( ! wp_next_scheduled( ‘prefix_wpestate_cron_generate_pins_daily’ ) ) { wp_schedule_event( time(), ‘daily’, ‘prefix_wpestate_cron_generate_pins_daily’); } } endif; Change to daily to hourly wp_schedule_event( time(), ‘hourly’); Then make sure reset cron has happened and it’s showing hourly on server too. Another way to do […]

Google Maps: Why pins don’t show / not working on the map?

Please check if you have one of these situations: Cache is on You enabled caching for google maps in theme options – google maps settings and you need to wait 3 hours to see pin Read from file is enabled You enabled read from file yes (google maps readings) and you must wait 24 hours […]

Google Maps Settings: How read from file works

Read from file for Google Maps pins is a feature that helps improve site speed for more than 200 properties on the map. How it works: Set the option to YES in Theme Options – Google Maps settings. With this option set to YES – the following settings apply: a. Pins.txt file inside theme folder […]