Custom Page Templates

Properties List Standard Page Template

IMPORTANT NOTES 1. The filters on this page apply for ALL properties. 2.  If you select multiple categories in Advanced Options, the map by default will sync only with the first category (the one that shows in filters by default). 3. MULTIPLE category selection of the same type works only for PARENT categories.  Make sure you select multiple categories […]


Contact is a custom page template. To replace theme contact page with contact 7 contact – please see this help: You select the custom page template as in below screenshot: Page looks like this: Contact page pin is set here: Contact page details are set here: Social accounts are set here


Up to 4 Properties can be compared at one time. To use the compare feature, create the compare page (NOTE – there is already a template that comes automatically with theme installation). Create a new one only if you delete that by accident. Compare will show in lists (property list, taxonomy list, advanced search result […]


To create a Blog List page, you need to create a page with Blog List template


The page will list all agents you publish on the blog. Agent List page has pagination. The theme is set to show 10 agents on each page. Ex from our demo – The page is created with the AGENTS LIST template as in the below screenshot. More about agents and how to manage theme options […]

Advanced Search Results Custom Page Template

You already receive one Advance Search page when you install the theme. You don’t need to create another one. Just go to Pages – Edit Page and edit settings. Permalinks must be set to custom starting v 1.08 in order for the “Search” button to redirect to Advanced Search Results page. Starting v 1.11 you […]


Custom page templates are listed in Admin Panel -> Pages -> Add New/Edit Page -> Page Attribute -> Template.


CUSTOM HEADER OPTIONS ARE: GOOGLE MAPS, REVOLUTION SLIDER, THEME SLIDER, IMAGE, VIDEO OR NO HEADER. Note: Properties list half map & advanced search results half map pages MUST need header set to google maps (in case global header is set to something different than google maps, you must set Google Maps from Appearance Options for […]