Custom Page Templates

How to manage Floor Plans

Manage floor plans from front end in My Properties page or in Edit page. For front end dashboard you need a page template with User Dashboard Floor Plans saved. In admin you can edit / add floor plans from FLOOR PLANS section. Please see this video for more information


IMPORTANT NOTES 1. Remember that this page needs header Google Maps.You need to set header custom fir each page. 2. Advanced Search must be set to display (option Show Advanced Search – must be YES) for the filters to show. 3. MULTIPLE category selection of the same type works only for PARENT categories.  Make sure you select multiple categories […]

Property Page Custom Templates

Starting 1.16 WP Residence supports custom page templates for property page. This features means that each client has endless possibilities when designing the property page. We created 4 templates as examples but you can use our new shortcodes your own combination. NOTE: This feature is released as an initial version. Updates will follow. To create your […]

Options in User Dashboard – My Properties page

This page can be removed from User Dashboard for all user type options by simply deleting the page from Admin – Pages. The same can be done for Add New Property page from user dashboard. — If you use this page, the following options will be available: Search through published properties by title. The search […]


The widget works based on Zillow API. Results are returned from Zillow. Go to this URL to take you Zillow API Key – The Zillow results page is created from Admin – Pages – New Page – Template – Zillow – Save Zillow requires an API key which you insert in Admin – Appearance […]


Video Tutorial to set-up PayPal –


If you want to let people just save favorites, you must make sure people have the user dashboard pages MY PROFILE and MY FAVORITES. See User Dashboard Pages chapter. For users to see their saved favorites properties, create the Save Favorites page: Add a page with this custom template The page in user dashboard looks […]


NOTE: If you don’t need the pages with My Properties, My Properties Search, Submit Property Or Invoices in User Dashboard simply delete them from Admin – Pages. How to Create Terms and Conditions Page People will need to agree to TERMS AND CONDITIONS before register. To use the User Dashboard, you must create the user dashboard […]


IDX page will take the global header setting you apply in Theme Options (see global header setting). Use this template if you activate a third party IDX plugin, such as dsIDXPress.